Bonneville Shoreline - Flow Trail Section

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Flow Trail Section icons1.5 Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Length: 0.2 mile
Time: 3 minutes by bike downhill; 10 min. uphill
Difficulty: Moderate
Elevation Gain: 117 feet

Description: This short trail supports a popular new sport of downhill mountain biking called “flow trail” biking. The rider does very little peddling since it is more of a coast with braking. The trail is designed with banks and uphill sections to reduce the speed of the biker on turns. This trail is intended for use only by bikers who are riding along the #1.6 section of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BST) to provide an exciting way to reach the Farmington Pond area.

When using the trail, please control your speed such that you do not have to brake hard enough to skid your rear tire. Skidding will quickly erode the trail over time and cause problems for other users. Bikers must stay alert to others on the trail since they will be descending at high speeds. Those going uphill should yield to those coming down.

The flow trail section runs parallel to, but separate from the main part of the BST (see BST #1.6) and stops at Farmington Canyon Road. Stop here and look both ways to avoid road traffic.

mapAccess Locations:
Access #1 – Farmington Pond Trailhead with Parking: From Main Street go east on 600 N., then north on 100 E. (Farmington Canyon Rd.), and take the first left into the Farmington Pond area. Take the right fork. Park in the gravel area and look to the north to spot the bridge over Farmington Creek. The trailhead is located south of the bridge crossing, and the trail ascends the slope to your right where it crosses Farmington Canyon Road. As you cross the road, you will see a trail on the other side. The trail for joggers, hikers, and equestrians is a short distance up the road. The flow trail will join this trail halfway up the hill.

Access #2 – BST: Reach this access from the BST south of Farmington Canyon and just north of the reservoir. As you descend the hill you will see the flow trail branch off to the left about halfway down the hill.

This new trail supports the popular sport of “flow trail” biking.
Enjoy a fun coast down the hillside.

Trail Surface and Status: The trail has a packed dirt base with banked turns and uphill sections to minimize peddling and braking.