Bountiful Peak Trail- Lower Canyon Section

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Lower Section IconsBountiful Peak Trail – Lower Canyon Sections


Length: 2.3 miles
Time: 2.5 hours
Difficulty: Strenuous
Elevation Gain: 1279 feet

Description: This trail is path winding through a beautiful forest in the far southeast foothills by Farmington. The trail connects to the Davis Creek Trail (#18.4) at Pretty Valley. Section #25.4 is a narrow hiker’s path that can be reached from Centerville. It climbs steadily up the side of a ravine until it joins section #25.2.

Access Locations:
Access #1 – Pretty Valley: Reach this trail from the Davis Creek Trail, section #18.4. Once in Pretty Valley, go to the far southeast corner of the meadow. At an opening in the trees, the trail heads due east. This is section #25.3. It may not be obvious since the pathway is not dirt but grass, so look carefully. After walking east for about a hundred yards, you will come to Beehive Tree (POI #42), a large solitary juniper tree that resembles a tall beehive. Turn right and travel south until you have ascended a hill and find the “upper meadow.” As you cross the meadow, you will meet another trail. Turn left and climb a steep hill where you will join a double-track path heading up the mountain. You will not get lost once on this nice path.
Access #2 – Centerville Trailhead with Parking: Turn off Main Street in Centerville at 1825 N. and go east, winding up through a subdivision until you reach a dirt road heading to the southeast. Continue up this road as far as you can to the east and park on a wide part of the road (Note: you will cross the Bonneville Shoreline Trail). Look for a jeep road that climbs steeply to the northeast, located east of the maze of dirt roads. This very rocky road passes through a ravine and meets section #25.4 on the north side.


  • This nature path winds through a little-known forest SE of Farmington.
  • Find solitude in a peaceful setting not far from home.
  • Equestrians have made a rest stop with a hitching rail by a campsite. Enjoy a break here, but be aware that there is no water.
  • The trail leads all the way to Bountiful Peak at 9259 feet.
  • This is a rigorous climb for the hardy hiker.
  • The path is mostly shaded as it climbs through tall forests.

Trail Surface and Status: This trail is composed of a forest path and some double-track roads that are in good shape.