Bountiful Peak Trail- Upper Canyon Section

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Bountiful Peak Upper IconsBountiful Peak Trail- Upper Canyon Section


Length: 3.2 miles
Time: 5.5 hours
Difficulty: Strenuous
Elevation Gain: 3274 feet

Description: These sections of trail split off from sections #25.3 and 25.4 just as the mountain becomes steep. Following this branch will take you to the very top of the mountain at Bountiful Peak, with an elevation of 9259 feet. Section #25.2 resembles a luge run with a narrow, deep channel in which the trail winds up the mountain. On the way up, you will pass the lower and upper accesses to the Ford Canyon Overlook Trail (#26), then the Hidden Meadows Trail (#29) dropping down into Ford Canyon, and finally the G2Connector – South Trail (#31.2) going north. Gaze into Ford Canyon and see the regrowth since the fire of ’03, which did not affect the Bountiful Peak Trail itself.

Access Locations: To hike down section #25.1 from Bountiful Peak, drive up Skyline Drive from Farmington Canyon or use Ward Canyon Road in Bountiful. This section goes down to the intersection with the G2Connector – South Trail (#31.2). Section #25.1 can also be reached from the top end of #25.2. Section #25.2 starts up the mountain at the “luge” where the trail from Pretty Valley bends west to go down into Centerville (#25.4).


  • The trail climbs a luge-like channel up the mountain.
  • This trail connects to the following trails: Davis Creek (#18.1), Ford Canyon Overlook (#26), Hidden Meadows (#29),
  • G2Connector (#31.2) and Old North (#32.1).
  • The trail has tree cover for welcome shade.
  • See the new growth since the devastating ’03 fire.
  • Climb all the way to Bountiful Peak.

Trail Surface and Status: This is a wilderness trail on dirt and native grasses.