Farmington Bay Trail

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Farmington Bay TrailFarmington Bay Trail


Length: 20.7 miles
Time: 11 hours on foot or 3 hours by bike
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation Gain: 12 feet

Description: Part of this trail forms a large square that encloses a pond teeming with waterfowl next to the Great Salt Lake. This trail is the best place to see the eagles that return to nest every spring between February and March. Some areas may be closed if it is bird-nesting season. Please observe the restrictions listed on the signs. When you come in on Access #1 below, the entrance road will reach a “T” intersection. Go to the right until you reach the first corner of the “square.” Drive up to the lookout on Goose Egg Island. It was built in 1983 using debris from the severe floods in that year. The “island” is a good vantage point to see the surrounding area.

As you loop to the south around the square pond, you will reach an intersection where four roads come together. The “square” section is to your left, a “triangle” section is in the middle, and a “hook” section is to your right. East of the triangular section is another section shaped like a large rhombus (four-sided polygon). The far east side of this section connects to Bountiful at Pages Lane where Bountiful Lake is located. This is a pleasant recreation area, reachable from Access #2.

Access Locations:
Access #1 – Farmington Trailhead with Parking: Go west on Glovers Lane (925 S.) to 1325 W. A left turn will take you into the Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area. Continue south to the maintenance buildings and information bulletin boards. You can park here and get out the mountain bikes or drive another mile down the road to the pedestrian gates by Goose Egg Island.

Access #2 – Bountiful Pond Trailhead with Parking: Go all the way west on Pages Lane (1600 N.) in Bountiful. Follow the road as it jogs south underneath Legacy Parkway and park at Bountiful Lake. The trail is to the north.


  • See many waterfowl varieties, including the bald eagle.
  • Don’t miss Bald Eagle Day, held on the second Saturday in February.
  • Enjoy the activities of the Great Salt Lake Bird Festival, held in May.
  • Visit Goose Egg Island for a good vantage point to see the area.
  • The level road has little traffic. There are many miles of roadways to explore.
  • This is a great area for marathon training.

Trail Surface Status: The trail is a maintenance road with a gravel base. Some sections may be muddy depending on the weather.