Fire Trail

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Hike with your dogFire Trail


Length: 1.4 miles
Time: 1.5 hours
Difficulty: Moderate
Elevation Gain: 914 feet

Description: Parts of this trail were cut in 2003 by firemen fighting the large mountain fire that burned the mountains from Steed Canyon to Shepard Canyon. They used Polaskis (an ax/hoe combination tool) and chainsaws to form a firebreak line. The trail climbs over the top of the ridge and loops to the north. At the beginning of the climb, you will pass “Big Foot” (POI #23), a rock that looks just like the sole of a boot. After the trail loops north, you will cross several drainages as you traverse the hillside high above the valley. Scattered along the way are many large boulders you can stand on for a commanding view of the city and lake below. Halfway along the trail is an access down to the Patsy’s Mine Trail (#15.1).

The trail ends at the Centennial Trail (#36) as you continue north. The Centennial Trail is an east/west trail leading to the top of the mountain that starts at Flag Rock.

Access Locations:
Access #1 – Hornet Creek Junction: The ‘03 Fire Trail can be reached from the Hornet Creek Trail (#16.1), about 100 yards before you would reach Mezzanine Rock (POI #25).

Access #2 – Eagle Rock Junction: Head due east from Eagle Rock (POI #19), which is just east of the Patsy’s Mine Trail (#15).

Access #3 – Centennial Trail Junction: Walk due east up the ridge from Flag Rock (see Flag Rock Trail (#35) on page 186). The ’03 Fire Trail branches off to your right (south) about a quarter mile up the Centennial Trail.


  • Loop around the hillside for a great view of the valley.
  • Find Big Foot” (POI #23), a very large stone boot estimated to be size 110.
  • Walk the path of the fire fighters from 2003.
  • Find many fun boulders to perch on.
  • This trail provides a great view of the valley and lake.
  • Find the “short cut” past Eagle Rock.
  • Tracy’s Tower (POI #20) is right behind Eagle Rock.

Trail Surface and Status: The trail is a wilderness trail with occasional markers to keep you heading in the right direction. It is left as natural as possible for your hiking enjoy