Farmington Upper Terrace Trail - Main Section

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iconsFarmington Upper Terrace Trail – Main Section


Length: 1.5 miles
Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Moderate
Elevation Gain: 403 feet


MapDescription: The Upper Terrace Trail is a footpath that meanders along the highest level, called the Bonneville Level, of the ancient Lake Bonneville. Once at the 5150-foot level, the trail is fairly easy to walk. The trail departs from Shepard Canyon and winds south to Farmington Canyon. You can descend at the south end of the trail to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail (#1.4) just north of the mouth of Farmington Canyon or return the way you came. Be warned that the descent is fairly steep with loose rocks.

Access Locations:
Access #1 – Shepard Creek Junction: This access is from the Shepard Creek Trail (#9.3). See the description on page 84. The trail goes south from the Shepard Creek Trail to Farmington Canyon following a fairly level shelf left by the ancient Lake Bonneville.

Access #2 – Farmington Pond with Parking: From Main Street, go east on 600 N., then north on 100 E. (Farmington Canyon Rd.), and take the first left into the Farmington Pond area. Take the right fork to reach the trailhead. Park in the gravel area. Travel over the footbridge to the north and follow the trail as it winds up the hill in a northerly direction. You’ll come to a reservoir. Follow the trail that goes to the southeast of the reservoir. The Farmington Upper Terrace Trail branches off from here to the east. Continue to climb up the slope on the dirt road until you come to a large flat area. Continue to the east as far to the right as you can without going down the slope into Farmington Canyon. The road narrows and bends to the north. Leave the road at this point, staying as far to the right as possible. You will see a smaller trail that winds up a steep slope with several switchbacks. Be careful of loose rocks. Eventually you will reach a natural shelf at 5150 feet. From here, the trail will take you north to Shepard Canyon.


  • Enjoy great views of the Great Salt Lake, Farmington Bay, Upper Shepard Canyon, and Farmington Canyon.
  • Find beach cobblestones on the south side of Shepard Canyon at the uppermost shoreline (Bonneville Level) of ancient Lake Bonneville.

Trail Surface and Status: Be careful on this narrow dirt path with loose rocks.