Ford Canyon Overlook Trail

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Ford Canyon Overlook TrailFord Canyon Overlook Trail


Length: 2.6 miles
Time: 4.5 hours
Difficulty: Strenuous
Elevation Gain: 1699 feet

Description: This is a pleasant trail with continuous shade that connects the Bountiful Peak Trail (#25.2) to Ford Canyon. You can see all of Ford Canyon from this trail, including the burn areas from the ’03 fire that nature is reforesting. This trail departs from the lower portion of section #25.2, rides the rim of the canyon, then rejoins section #25.2 farther up the mountain.

Access Locations:
Access #1 – Centerville Trailhead with Parking: Turn off Main Street in Centerville at 1825 N. and go east, winding up through a subdivision until you reach a dirt road heading to the southeast. Continue up this road as far as you can to the east and park on a wide part of the road (Note: you will cross the BST). Look for a jeep road that climbs steeply to the northeast, located east of the maze of dirt roads. Go about halfway up this very rocky road and look for a small trail to branch off to your right up the bank of the road. This is the westernmost part of the Ford Canyon Overlook Trail. Follow this trail as it winds up the mountain to a fork in the trail by a large white rock called “Sheep Rock.” Take the south branch for a quarter mile. Just before you reach Ford Canyon, the trail turns to the east and winds steeply up the mountain to the top of the ridge. Follow the ridge up to Hawk Rock (POI #49), a promontory that overlooks the canyon.

Access #2 – West Junction: The trail is reachable from the west end of the Bountiful Peak Trail (#25.2). Shortly after you begin the climb up the “luge run” of section #25.2, look to the right for the “gateway” to Ford Canyon. A gateway is indicated by two adjacent trail markers. Walk between the markers to get on the trail. The trail goes to Ford Canyon, where you will have an impressive view from high above the canyon. Use a short trail stub to walk out to Hawk Rock.

Access #3 – East Junctions: From the Bountiful Peak Trail (#25.2), the trail heads toward Ford Canyon then down the ridge to Hawk Rock.


  • This trail gives you a great view of Ford Canyon.
  • The trail has tree cover all the way, providing welcome shade.
  • Observe the regrowth from the fire of ’03.
  • Visit Hawk Rock (POI #49), a promontory that juts far out into the canyon.

Trail Surface and Status: This is a wilderness trail. Look for the trail markers to stay on course.