Haight Creek Trail – West Section

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Haight Creek Trail – West SectionHaight Creek Trail – West Section

Length: 2 miles
Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation Gain: 89 feet

Description: This trail is named for Hector Haight, nicknamed the “Father of Farmington” as its original settler in 1847. The trail is a beautiful urban nature walk paralleling Haight Creek. There are plenty of cattails and willows for wildlife to hide in. Deer, foxes, raccoons, and pheasants can be seen in this delightful wetland.

Section #10.3 winds westward through a thicket and wetland to Rails-to-Trails (#7). Cross the trail and continue on the other side through another picturesque wetland and short boardwalk until you reach 950 N. 1950 W., where you will cross. This brings you to section #10.4, where you can stroll through the final wetland to an intersection with a bench then westward to 2125 W. or south to the end of the subdivision at 1875 W.

Height Creek Trail West MapAccess Locations:
Access #1 – Shepard Lane: Go west on Shepard Lane (~1200 N.) just beyond the I-15 overpass. Park at the Benchland Building on the right. You will find the path across the street at the end of the guardrail.

Access #2 – 950 N.: Go south off Shepard Lane at 2000 W. (350 E. in Kaysville) to the first stop sign. Park in this area. The trail crosses 950 N. to the north and south.

Access #3 – 750 N.: Walk west off 1875 W. at 750 N.

Access #4 – Foxhunter Drive: Walk east off 850 N. Foxhunter Dr. (2125 W.)

Access #5 – Quail Crossing Park: 190 E. 2300 S. Kaysville and 80 E. 2200 S. Kaysville.



Height Creek Tail WestFeatures:

  • This is a pleasant wetland with benches for relaxation.
  • Find a secluded seat for wildlife enjoyment.
  • Enjoy a short boardwalk bordering a reed pond.
  • The trail was built by a dozen Eagle Scout projects.

Trail Surface and Status: An excellent nature trail with smooth gravel, native soil, and a short boardwalk.