Legacy Trail

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Legacy TrailLegacy Trail


Length: 3.8 miles
Time: 30 minutes by bike
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation Gain: 35 feet

Description: This is a commuter path for non-motorized users that parallels Legacy Highway. It is a smooth and straight path through Farmington and can be followed all the way into Salt Lake City. You will pass wetlands, Davis Creek, and ample benches on which to rest. The view of the mountains is great.

Access Locations:
Access #1 – FrontRunner Trailhead with Parking: At the FrontRunner stop south of Park Lane, park in the northeast corner of the parking lot.

Access #2 – Park Lane Village Trailhead with Parking: Public parking at northeast end of Grand Ave.

Access #3 – State Street: State Street at 650 W.

Access #4 – Farmington Parks and Rec Building: 100 N. (Clark Lane) and 650 W. (Tippetts Lane) southeast of Farmington Parks and Rec. Building.

Access #5 – 250 S. Trailhead with Parking: 250 S. (reach from 650 W.).

Access #6 – Glovers Lane: Glovers Lane (925 S. just north of the overpass).

Access #7 – Bus Park Trailhead with Parking: 425 W. Glovers Lane (Just west of bus parking lot).

• The trail is excellent for walking or jogging off the roadway.
• Enjoy a smooth and wide asphalt path.
• This is a great non-motorized commuter path that connects the communities.

Trail Surface and Status: The trail is in excellent shape with a smooth asphalt surface.