Old Aqueduct Trail

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Old Aqueduct TrailOld Aqueduct Trail


Length: 1.3 miles
Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Moderate
Elevation Gain: 165 feet

Description: Nicknamed “the skeleton,” this trail is the site of an old aqueduct built in the mid-1800s (POI #10). The aqueduct was constructed of wooden staves, much like a barrel is made. Metal rods, placed about every two feet, were used as bands to hold the staves together. The aqueduct brought water from Farmington Creek two miles up the canyon. The water then plunged down at the mouth of the canyon, driving the millstone of a gristmill owned by Apostle Willard Richards.
Most of the wooden staves have rotted away, but many of the metal bands can be seen off and on throughout the length of the trail. After a stretch of trail with no evidence of the aqueduct, the bands will resurface from the earth like ribs of a prehistoric serpent.

As Farmington Creek separates from the more gently sloping Aqueduct Trail, you will find the old cement head gate (POI #12), where the water was drawn from the creek for its two-mile journey. The trail continues east of the head gate to a natural wash, which was used to channel the water down to the head gate. There is a pleasant little forest glen by the head gate where, undoubtedly, the pioneer laborers must have camped while working on the pipeline.

The hike is easy once you reach the trail due to the gentle slope of the shelf that held the wooden pipeline. Deer and sage hens can occasionally be seen along the trail.

Access Locations:
You can reach this trail from off the Farmington Spine Trail (#12.2). See the description listed there. The Old Aqueduct Trail hangs on the south side of Farmington Canyon about a fourth of the way up the mountain.


  • Enjoy a historical trail with interesting relics. Please leave them undisturbed.
  • This is an easy hike once you reach the gently sloping trail.
  • See an excellent view of Farmington Canyon.
  • Find lots of wildlife on this elevated trail through the trees.
  • Can you solve or even find the Mystery of the Tire (POI #13)?

Trail Surface and Status: The trail is a dirt path in good shape, except for some places that are washed out.