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Length: 3 miles
Time: 20 minutes by bike
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation Gain: 47 feet

Description: This is a new commuter path for non-motorized users that follows the old D&RGW railroad right-of-way. It is a smooth and straight path connecting Farmington to Roy, with plans to go to Ogden. The south section now connects to the Legacy Trail (#6) in Centerville. The Legacy Trail continues south into Salt Lake City where it connects to the Jordan River Parkway Trail. This then extends to South Jordan with plans to connect to Utah County. For those in West Farmington who work nearby, this is an excellent straight path for riding a bike to work.

Access Locations:
Access #1 – Shepard Lane: Shepard Lane and 2100 W.
Access #2 – Hunter Creek: 950 N. and 1875 W.
Access #3 – Burke Lane: Burke Lane ~700 N. and ~1600 W.
Access #4 – 140 N. Longhorn Dr.: East end, just before cul-de-sac.
Access #5 – Fairgrounds Trailhead with Parking: Davis County Fairgrounds at 1100 W.
Access #6 – Glovers Lane: Glovers Lane (925 S.) and 800 W.

• This trail is excellent for walking, jogging, or biking off the roadway.
• Enjoy a smooth and wide asphalt path.
• The trail is a great non-motorized commuter path connecting the communities.

Trail Surface and Status: The trail is in excellent shape with a smooth asphalt surface.