South Frontage Road

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South Frontage Road IconsSouth Frontage Road


Length: 2.2 miles
Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy E
Elevation Gain: 78 feet

Description: This popular jogging/walking path is off the road on its own paved path for safety for part of section #4.1. This path offers security to trail users, being out in the open in view of others who could call for help if needed. Section #4.2 is on a sidewalk that connects to South Park (also known as “the skate park”).

Access Locations:
Access #1 – Lagoon Trail Junction: From the Lagoon section of the Farmington Creek Trail (#11.4), go south at 100 N. 200 W. This is foot access only with no parking.

Access #2 – Glovers Lane: From Glovers Lane (925 S.), go north or south. Going north to the freeway off-ramp (370 S.), the trail is an excellent paved path separate from the roadway. Continuing north, the trail becomes a sidewalk on the east side of the street past Farmington Junior High to Clark Lane (Main Street). One block to the north, trail users can access the Lagoon portion of the Farmington Creek Trail (#11.4).

South of Glovers Lane (925 S.), the trail heads toward Centerville on the east side of the frontage road along a sidewalk. The trail parallels the frontage road, allowing easy on and off access. You will pass the Davis Creek Trail (#18.11) on your left.

Access #3 – South Park Trailhead with Parking: Park at South Park, located at 1384 S. Frontage Road. There is a large map on a trails kiosk at the south end of the park that shows the entire Farmington area trail system. The trail proceeds north from here along a sidewalk. You will pass the Davis Creek Trail Urban Nature Walk (#18.11) just before you reach Glovers Lane.

This trail is suitable for walkers and joggers to exercise off the roadway.
The trail is close at hand to many residents for quick access.
Read the trail kiosk at South Park to plan your next hike.

Trail Surface and Status: The trail is smooth concrete or asphalt.