Wolverine Trail - Lower Canyon Section

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Wolverine TrailWolverine Trail


Length: 1.3 miles
Time: 2.5 hours
Difficulty: Strenuous
Elevation Gain: 1468 feet

Description: Section #3.2 is the west part of the Wolverine trail. It starts from off the Fruit Heights Upper Terrace Trail (#21) and goes a quarter of the way up the canyon to a connecting trail to the north (Little Canyon).

Access Locations:
Access #1 – Fruit Heights: This trail access takes you up Little Canyon, which is north of Shepard Canyon. From South Mountain Road in Fruit Heights, turn east on East Oaks Drive (~300 S.) and wind up the hill to 1800 E. (Davis Blvd). Turn left. Go north to the end of the street and park by the water tank that is up a short road to the east. Hike up the trail 100 feet then take the jeep road going southeast. This road goes about a half mile to the mouth of Little Canyon. Continue up the canyon another three quarters of a mile. After a switchback, look for a small connecting trail on your right that winds up the mountain to the ridge on the south. If you reach a large bend in the jeep road, you have gone too far.

Access #2 – Farmington Trailhead: Start on the south end of the Fruit Heights Upper Terrace Trail (#21). See the trailhead instructions listed on page 150. The Wolverine Trailhead is at the first small canyon you come to when hiking north.


  • Find what was thought to be a wolverine den (POI #3).
  • Find the Sphinx Rock (POI #4) at the base of a pyramid-shaped mountain.
  • After you reach the “camelback,” you can take a side canyon to make a loop.
  • This is one way to get to Francis Peak, elevation 9515 ft.
  • This trail gives you a great view of the valley all the way up the trail.

Trail Surface and Status: This trail is a dirt pathway left as natural as possible.