Welcome to Farmington Trails!

One of Farmington’s greatest assets is the location next to beautiful mountains…and the best part – we have trails and open space areas right in our backyard, probably less than ten minutes away! Click on a trail from the the Trail Information link below for more information.

Note: The trail numbers are aligned with the Farmington City Master Trails Map and Chart, which is available at the City Building, 160 S. Main Street. A Trail Guide Booklet is also available featuring additional detailed maps of trail sections and the Master Map.

Trail Information and Maps

#19 Freedom Hills Trail
21 Fruit Heights Upper Terrace Trail
#22 Francis Peak Trail
23 Nature Center Trail at Farmington Bay
#24 Old Aqueduct Trail
#26 Ford Canyon Overlook Trail
#27 Farmington Bay Trail

#27 Farmington Bay Trail

Red Tail Hawk at Farmington Bay

Photo Courtesy of Utah Hiking Beauty

#28 03' Fire Trail
Mountain Biking